A library is the heart and soul of an educational institution and a well-stocked library is an asset to it. To enlighten and keep the students well informed in various subjects with up to date literature in the form of various books, journals, an extensive and vast library with reading rooms has been housed in this central library. There are more than 3000 books on all subjects. Newspapers & periodicals are subscribed regularly.



Smart classes are implemented in our school. Smart class is surely transforming the way the teachers teach and the students learn in school these days. The new age of technology is pacing its march speedily. The introduction of the Smart Classes at the school has enhanced teacher efficacy and productivity in class. It has brought life to the abstract and difficult syllabus concepts inside classrooms. It has made teaching: learning process an enjoyable experience for students.


Dance and Music is a very different part of student’s art and intellect. Along with academics, art, culture, music and theatre training forms an integral part of the curriculum. Students are free to take up any activity of their interest while expert professionals introduce them to various art forms and help them realize their own potentials and enhance their performing skills.


Today, sports are not an anomaly but an essential and integral part of school regime. Physical Fitness is a worthwhile health component for students of all ages. At St.Kanakadasa Senior Secondary Public School we take special care to ensure that all our students are physically fit and healthy. Modern sports amenities have been incorporated in the campus and the coaching is given by the well experienced professional in the relevant games and sports. Students can choose from a wide array of outdoor and indoor recreation facilities. Students are encouraged to develop their physical potential under the expert training of experienced coaches, as a result inculcating team spirit and motivation to win amid relaxation and enjoyment.